Introduction to Meditaiton
This is an event series

This 4 week program is designed to give you an overview and introduce you to a few different techniques so you can feel confident in starting a personal mediation practice.

Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm Jan. 24, 31, Feb. 7, 14 $48

These simple yet powerful techniques will help calm your mind and allow you to feel more peace, tranquility and joy in your life.
Each week we will cover a new meditation technique and discuss topics such as the seated posture, the anatomy of the breath and the brain on meditation. Classes will be recorded and available for playback.

Week one, Jan 24: 

-What is meditation?

-The seated posture

-Breath meditation

Week two, Jan 31:

-What is mindfulness?
-Mindfulness and the brain
-Body scan meditation - progressive relaxation

Week three, Feb 7: 

-Anatomy of the breath 
-Breathing exercises to focus the mind
-Mantra meditation, the repetition of a word or phrase 

Week four, Feb 14: 

-Developing a home practice

-Grounding thoughts 

-Metta meditation aka loving kindness meditation 

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